Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yawed Ends (Wednesday)


5 Anser Abbas
6 Lauren Lee
7 Special Guest DJ Set: Michael 'Cava' Kim
8 Steven Ring
9 Jamie Feiler
10 Wiley Webb

Listen HERE HERE HERE!!!!!

Playlists of the Night

Michael Kim
Before We Being - Broadcast
Cast a Shadow - Beat Happening
We Could Walk Together - The Clientele
When the Red King Comes - Elf Power
Divine Hammer - The Breeders
The Crystal Lake - Grandaddy
On Your Mind - Honeydrip (show at the Roxy next Tuesday with White Arrows!!
Death Valley Days- Mad Monster Party
Fame a la Mode - Michel Polnareff
311 - Supercar 
Piano Fire - Sparklehorse
Where Damage Isn't Already Done - The Radio Dept.
Needle in the Camel's Eye - Brian Eno
This Aching Deal - Shocking Pinks
How High - Luminous Orange
Plastic Flowers- The Wake
Winoa - Drop Nineteens 
Boreal - Hundred Waters
Raisans - Dinosaur Jr

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