Thursday, March 22, 2012


6- La La Louly
7- The Lucas Simon Foster Show
8- The Giant Paper Airplane (Hank)
9-Ghost ridin with Johnny Blaise
10-Fluuur Kroopf
11- Introducing Connie Lee!

Playlists of the Evening

The Lucas Simon Foster Show presents: Dedications..

We r champien-- Howe (As Friends) D= Scott D of Preschool
My name Jone-- Weez (On Strike!) D= John L. Lewis of Coal
Duet-- Trem and Terp (Seattle.. Seattle?) D= HW (The Harvard-Westlake School) Dance KRew of L.A.
Big Time-- Folking Around (Summer Jamz) D= TJ of summer camp fun
Party All Across-- Saint 3003 (Polos Vardam) D= Party men n' women of the Court/County
Try Meh!-- PreFcHeatery (Rare Songz) D= Dedicated Lovers of Songs
Classic-- Phernioex (Lysistdramer) D= D Pap '13 of West Val
That One Time-- Wilhelm and Ray Cherl (Memph-Town) D= Will and Raymond of B-Hood
Ubez Hum├ęs-- Science Boy (Another Hit?) D= Mr. Vander Juan Marcus Aur of Sci Dept.
lol… for super secrets call meh or something..!

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