Thursday, March 15, 2012


6-LaLa Louly
7-The Lucas Simon Foster Show
8-Dank presents...Special Guest BOB DYLAN
9-Ghost ridin with Johnny Blaise
10- Flurrr Kroopf

"Uncle Leland's hair turned white overnight."--Twin Peaks

Dank: "Gypsy girl, the hands of harlem, could not hold you to its heat. Your temperatures too hot for tamin' your flamin' feet are burnin' up this street."

 Simple Twist of Fate (Live) - Bobert Dylanger
As I Went Out One Mornin' - Dirty Projectors
Spanish Harlem Incident - Berb Derlin
Moonshiner - Borb for Dylon's Apples
To Ramona - Shlorg Gorlyn
Boots of Spanish Leather - Hoblit Derjon

The Lucas Simon Foster Show Presents: Inevitable, Disconcerting, Profound (Songs About Death)
The Funeral Party-- The Cure (Faith)
Monkey Gone To Heaven-- Pixies (Doolittle)
I Don't Wanna Die-- The Unicorns (Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?)
Dead Alive-- Kurt Vile (Childish Prodigy)
Daniel-- Elton John (Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player)
Country Death Song-- Violent Femmes (Hallowed Ground)
Death of an Interior Decorator-- Death Cab for Cutie (Transatlanticism)
Spirit They've Vanished-- Animal Collective (Spirit They've Vanished)
Terrapin-- Syd Barrett (The Madcap Laughs)
Jealous Guys-- Elliott Smith (Live John Lennon Cover)
Beware-- Death Grips (Exmilitary)

Chicago – Sufjan Stevens
Southwood Plantation Road – The Mountain Goats
Jenny Was a Friend of Mine – The Killers
My Interpretation – Mika
When Did Your Heart Go Missing – Rooney
Strange Overtones – David Byrne & Brian Eno
Love Will Save Your Soul – Grouplove
Amazing – One eskimO
Jammin’ – Bob Marley
Let’s Get Lost – Elliott Smith
The Perfect Space – The Avett Brothers
Tiger Mountain Peasant Song – First Aid Kit
Books Written for Girls – Camera Obscura  

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