Sunday, March 11, 2012


4 Andrew Friendly
5 Jonah BK
6 Arianna Lanz
7 Sam Lyons
8 Rozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Naimi
9 Joel Spielberger
10 Josh Ha


Don't Stop Now    The Maine
Shameless     All Time Low
Volcano       Damien Rice
Nothing Better      The Postal Service
Under the Bridge        Red Hot Chili Peppers
Remembering Sunday          All Time Low
Summer Of 69         Bryan Adams
Fuel to the Fire     The Maine
Cannonball       Damien Rice
Always Running Out of Time      Motion City Soundtrack
Into Your Arms        The Maine
Scar Tissue       Red Hot Chili Peppers
Strange         Tokio Hotel & Kerli
I Will Always Return        Bryan Adams
Worker Bee      Motion City Soundtrack

Gypsy Queen -- Van Morrison
Country Boy -- Johnny Cash
Caroline No -- The Beach Boys
The Old Laughing Lady -- Neil Young
Trouble Child -- Joni Mitchell 
Amebo -- The Lijadu Sisters
Twin Peaks Theme
Talk That Talk -- Jackie Wilson
My Baby Must Be a Magician -- The Marvelettes
Something Is Worrying Me -- Otis Redding
Forgive Them Father -- Lauryn Hill
A Case of You -- Joni Mitchell 

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