Wednesday, January 9, 2013

If you forgot...


0500 shyanzakeri 0050
0600 samschlesinger 0060
0700 gilyoung 0070
0800 ANSER ABBAS 0080
0900 ANSER ABBAS 0090
1000 samwolk 0001
1100 jackwilding 0011

jACK wILDING - elevator music for the elevator in obama's house, or: Jack "Jack Wilding "Jack Wilding "Jack Wilding "Jack Wildingception"""" Wilding Plays For You Some Nice Acoustic Guitar Songs And More
Hip Hatchet - "Misdirected Man" (Joy and Better Days)
Hip Hatchet - "Small Demons" (Joy and Better Days)
Jordaan Mason And The Horse Museum - "Avalanches" (Divorce Lawyers I Shaved My Head)
Jordaan Mason And The Horse Museum - "Racehorse: Get Married!" (Divorce Lawyers I Shaved My Head)
Sera Cahoone - "Rumpshaker" (Deer Creek Canyon)
Andrew Jackson Jihad - "People II: Still Peoplin'" (Knife Man)
Andrew Jackson Jihad - "Lucky Strike (Foot Ox)" (Operation Stackola)
American Football - "Never Meant" (American Football)
Jessie Ware - "Wildest Moments" (Devotion)
Matthew Dear - "Her Fantasy" (Beams)
Hot Chip - "One Life Stand" (One Life Stand)
Simian Mobile Disco - "Interference" (Unpatterns)
Francis Harris - "Plays I Play" (Leland)


High Wolf - "Fuji Descent" (Atlas Nation)
M. Geddes Gengres - "Waldorf, Pt. 3" (Test Leads)
Laurie Spiegel - "Patchwork" (The Expanding Universe)
Oneohtrix Point Never - "Hyperdawn" (Zones Without People)
Cluster - "Heiße Lippen" (Zuckerzeit)
Harmonia - "Dino" (Musik Von Harmonia)
Deerhunter - "Octet --> Red Ink" (Cryptograms)
Tim Hecker - "Analog Paralysis, 1978" (Ravedeath 1972)
Deep Magic - "Minds in Lucidity VI" (Lucid Thought)
Sun Araw - "Grip" (The Inner Treaty)
Spacemen 3 - The Sound of Confusion (Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs to)
 Sam Schlesinger
Don’t Watch Me Dancing – Little Joy – Little Joy
Lands Uncharted – Pictures of Then – And The Wicked Sea
Afternoon – Youth Lagoon – The Year of Hibernation
Buddy – Iran – Dissolver
Mr. Grieves – The Pixies – Doolittle
Dance The Midwest – The Wrens – Secaucus
She’s the One – Japanther – Rock ‘n’ Roll Ice Cream
Stay Useless – Cloud Nothings – Attack on Memory
Only a Shadow – Cleaners From Venus – Midnight Cleaners
Mr. Adams – White Fence – White Fence
Roadrunner – The Modern Lovers – The Modern Lovers
Settle for a Draw – Arctic Monkeys – When The Sun Goes Down
No More Right or Wrong – Whitey - Unreleased
Indie Rokkers – MGMT – Time to Pretend EP
Like A Rolling Stone – The Remains – Originally by Bob Dylan
I Don’t Want To – State of the Art – State of the Art EP
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (Piano) – The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Wins!
Wild World – Cover by Daniel Volovets – Originally by Kazumi Totaka

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