Thursday, January 17, 2013

!eraD uoY fI sihT daeR

Thoureau'ly Florked For Finals Thursday

Just tune in.

I have disorganized schizophrenia so there's little hope that I could put together the infrastructural collateral damage centering around the informal fission, because see, starting with the underline, you move on, and move on, and they always seem to follow you, see? Look at their eyes. They just look right through your soul and your like what the hell? This is like this: the ice cream gives you a headache, so why not give the headache some ice cream? I mean seriously, I'm a man of age 67 and to be 37, here on this blade of grass, on this leaf of grass, on these leaves of grass, I grow, I stand, I grow, I recycle. I recycle, then return, settling and biodegrading deep into the sorrowful tears of R. Kelly and tomorrow, tomorrow is the day the Microscope Thief gets his justice.

Crazy Ivar

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