Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jupiter (Thursday)

7-The Lucas Simon Foster Show
8- Dank Hougan presents: Rin tin tubblers black plum duck bun
10-Bad days, badlands with Nora Kroopf

"The horror! The horror!"-Joseph Conrad (Heart of Darkness)

Playlists of the Evening

Nora Kroopf: Bad days, badlands
Spotless Mind --Jon Brion (Eternal Sunshine Soundtrack)
Thank you girl --The Beatles (Live BBC Sessions)
Gassenhauer --Carl Orff (Badlands Soundtrack)
A Blossom Fell --Nat King Cole (Nat "King" Cole)
Love is Strange --Mickey & Sylvia
Wicked Game --Chris Isaak
Love Me Tender --Elvis Preseley (Essential Elvis)
Rise Above --Dirty Projectors (Rise Above)
Love --J Dilla ft. Pharoahe Monch (The Shining)
All is Full of Love --Bjork (Homogenic)
Would Know-- Mount Kimbie (Crooks & Lovers)
Say It (Over and Over Again) --John Coltrane Quartet

DANK HOUG's: An Evening with RIN TIN TUBBLER and his enigmatic Black Plum Duck Buns

1. Graceland -- Paul Simon (Graceland)
3. Country Comfort -- Eltern Jerhn (Tumbleweed Connection)
5. Kansas City/ Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey! -- The Beartles (Beatles for Sale)
7. The Wind -- Cat Stevens (Teaser and the Firecat)
9. Scar Tissue -- Red Chili Peppers Very Hot Be Careful (Gret Herts)
10. Etc.,,, Rin Tin Tubbler would like to thank his callers for everything, and Jewel

The Lucas Simon Foster Show Presented: An Experimental Broadcast About Cellphones.

1. Graze-- Animal Collective (Fall Be Kind))
2. Octopus-- Syd Barrett (The Madcap Laughs)
3. The Message-- Sun Araw (Heavy Deeds)
4. Light Black-- Toro y Moi (Underneath the Phine)
5. Rome-- Yeasaer (Odd Blood)
6. Shaven-- Ariel Pink's Hanunted Graffiti (Underground)
7. Spaceman-- The Killers (Spaceman Single) **Omitted 
8. They're Not Witches-- Guided By Voices (Alien Lanes)

Tonight's Show Was Much More TALKING from Lucas Simon Foster. IT was about cellphones, layers, friends, cars, Ariel, etc. Thank you. 

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