Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Florida Tuesday (ye haw)

"To-to-ro, to-toro"

5 - Sophia Penske and Rebecca Moretti (NEW TUESDAY ADDITION YAHOOO!)
6 - Sydney Foreman
7 - Hannah Zipperman
8 - Natalie Margolin and Jake Chapman
9 - Daniel Sunshine
10 - It's Super Effective (Noah Weinman)
11 - Kittens Purring (Jackson Hudgins)

Jackson -

The Kentucky Colonels - A Beautiful Life
Brand New Companion - Townes Van Zandt
Wizard's Roost - Little Wings
Enjoy Your Worries, You May Never Have Them Again - The Books
Sand Canyon - Little Wings
The Lost Soul - Doc Watson
Second Friend - Megafaun
27 Hilltop Procession - Olivia Tremor Control
Way Out Way Out - Tuesday Glass
Ashes and Matches - Doug Jerebine
I Start to Run - White Denim
Hog - Pineapple Explode
Liquidation Totale - Loose Fur
Snake Mistakes 1 - Dan Deacon
Ain't No Tellin' - Mississippi John Hurt

Daniel -

All The Things You Are - Ahmad Jamal
Body And Soul - Art Tatum
Lazy Bird - John Coltrane
Epistrophy - Thelonius Monk
Petite fleur - Sidney Bechet
All I Could Do Is Cry - Etta James
Prism - Keith Jarrett
Raindrop Patterns - Billy Childs
Cyclic Episode - Eric Harland
Late Night Sunrise - The New Gary Burton Quartet


Mercedes Benz- Janis Joplin (Pearl)
Drive My Car- The Beatles (Rubber Soul)
Baby Driver- Simon & Garfunkel (Bridge Over Troubled Water)
Jaguar-The Who (The Who Sell Out)
Go Lil Camaro Go- Ramones (Halfway to Sanity)
I’m In Love With My Car- Queen (Rocks)
Drive Slow- Kanye West (Late Registration)
Still Cruisin’- The Beach Boys (Still Cruisin’)
Always Crashing In the Same Car- David Bowie (Low)
Airbag- Radiohead (OK Computer)
Driver- The Cars (Heartbeat City)
Night Drive- Jimmy Eat World (Futures)
Freeway of Love- Aretha Franklin (Who’s Zommin’ Who?)
Fast Car- Tracy Chapman (Tracy Chapman)
Route 66- The Cheetah Girls (Route 66- Single)

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