Wednesday, May 28, 2014

khws forever

remembering my first year on the station, running home to make my 5pm broadcast and falling asleep to late-night shows before the unceremonious jolt of a live365 dial tone.

I think a lot of people who are leaving you today have similar feelings about what khws meant. to me, it was something beautiful, something done for its own sake that made it worth the time, arguments, and anxiety to keep it from sinking.

thank you to everyone who came before us, thank you to those who will come after.

thank you for listening
and wandering around this
creaky old ship




  1. <3, always

    from the Future, in the Present, to the Past

  2. ((we'll keep her afloat, somehow))

  3. Whats up Sis look at you making big moves and being a radio DJ, even if i dont like all the songs i will still listen because i love you <3 Great Job!!!!