Wednesday, May 29, 2013


The End is no longer nigh but here and in fact past.


as the last of the original generation of KHWS passes into the ether yesterday, today, and tomorrow, although there are so many songs with so many different possible things to convey as a way to say goodbye, i think just these two simple songs about music and the power of radio is enough.  anything else might be too much.

Happy Song :: Sun Araw, M Geddes Gengras, & The Congos :: Icon Give Thank
Cosmick Dub :: Peaking Lights :: Lucifer in Du
New Town Burnout :: Animal Collective :: Centipede Hz
Planet :: Anamanaguchi :: Endless Fantasy
I Was There :: Green Day :: 39/Smooth
Bad Kids :: the Black Lips :: Good Bad Not Evil
Summer of '91 :: ...Trail of Dead :: Worlds Apart
Game of Pricks :: Guided By Voices :: Alien Lanes
Splendid Sight :: the Bintangs :: Happening Holland
Horse Steppin' :: Sun Araw :: Beach Head
Vis-A-Vis :: Allah-Las :: s/t
Don't Think Twice It's Alright :: Bob Dylan :: The Freewheelin'...
Wonder Years :: Real Estate :: Days
Half Here :: Pure X :: Pleasure
Devil Town :: Bright Eyes :: Noise Floor
Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle :: Jay Reatard :: (covers)
Insight :: Joy Division :: Unknown Pleasures
K-Stars :: Stereolab :: Peng!
What We Talk About :: Hookworms :: Pearl Mystic
Sand Into Rain :: Eternal Tapestry :: A World Out of Time
To June :: Ganglians :: Monster Head Room
Shine A Light :: Spiritualized :: Lazer Guided Melodies
That's Just Fine :: Spacemen 3 :: Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs to
Trust :: the Pretty Things :: SF Sorrow
Roadrunner :: The Modern Lovers :: s/t
Rock and Roll :: the Velvet Underground :: Loaded
Radio Radio :: Elvis Costello
Maniac :: John Maus :: Songs
Upon Viewing Breughel's 'Landscape With the Fall of Icarus' :: Titus Andronicus :: The Airing of Grievances

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