Wednesday, May 9, 2012



0500 :: A Momentary Diversion on the Road to The Grave :: Anser Abbas
0600 :: Lork Lee
0700 :: THE Gil Young
0800 :: Stuvus Ring
0900 :: Swolk
1000 :: J Fei
1100 :: Wiles Webb


Jay me fi ler

You're Killing Me- Pavement
My Feathers Needed Cleaning- His Name is Alive
As We Go Up, We Go Down- Guided By Voices
Come Down Softly To My Soul- Spacemen 3
Sadness Creeping Up and Scaring Away the Couple's Happiness- Of Montreal
Agoraphobia- Deerhunter
Picture of You- My Morning Jacket
Totally Confused- Beck
Soon- My Bloody Valentine
Caribou- The Pixies
Sound System- Operation Ivy
Mr. Eerie- The Microphones

Anser Abbas
El Scorcho -- Weezer (Pinkerton)
Moanin' -- Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers (Moanin' - Blue Note 4003)
It's Been A Long Time -- Rakim (Live)
Catch Yer Own Train -- The Silver Seas (High Society)
Rocky Raccoon -- The Beatles (The Beatles)
Some Kind of Nature -- Gorillaz (Plastic Beach)
Walkin' Blues -- Eric Clapton (Unplugged)
Rocks and Gravel -- Bob Dylan (Live at the Gaslight)
Alphabet Town -- Elliott Smith (Elliott Smith)
Dire Wolf -- Grateful Dead (Workingman's Dead)
Truth -- Alexander
Out of Time Man -- Mick Harvey (Two of Diamonds)
Tobacco Road - The Nashville Teens
3/5 of A Mile in Ten Seconds -- Jefferson Airplane (Surrealistic Pillow)
Waiting Around to Die -- The Be Good Tanyas (Chinatown)

Sam Wolk
Fuselage (Part 1) -- Monk Montgomery (Bass Odyssey)
Everybody Likes Something Good -- The Ify Jerry Krusade (Nigeria 70: Lagos Jump)
Right Where You Ought To Be -- Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel (Staring at the Sun)
Know Me -- Frankie Rose (Inerstellar)
To Where -- Grass Widow (EP)
Falling [In...] -- Dunes (Noctiluca)
Friends of Friends -- Hospitality (s/t)
We Fall Apart -- Siamese Twins (Demo Tape)
I Am Not A Game -- Ty Segall & White Fence (Hair)
You Are Dead -- Mind Spiders (Meltdown)
Drugs -- the Black Lips (Daytrotter Studio Session -- from the album 200 Million Thousand)
Max Can't Surf -- FIDLAR (DIYDUI EP)
Electric Chair -- Bleached (7")
Blues not Speed -- Mika Miko (We Be Xuxa)
Common Heat -- No Age (Everything In Between)
Snowblinder -- Lilys (In the Presence of Nothing)
Rebel Rebel (Bowie Cover) -- Seu Jorge (Life Aquatic Studio Sessions)

Gil "Ill Chill Gil" Young

please do not go - violent femmes
what would i want? sky - animal collective
my skateboard - the aquabats
act naturally - the beatles
saudades do brasil: sorocabo - darius milhaud
the story of an artist - daniel johnston
no don't shoot - foxy shazam
big red fluke - gogo13
biblical violence - hella
eternal sunshine - jay electronica
my family - jay reatard
fastlane - king geedorah
boogeyman - the moontrekkers
blimps go 90 - guided by voices
basket case - green day

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